Terms & Conditions

Breakfast Club & After School Club:

Registration and consent forms must be completed and returned along with the £25 registration fee (non-refundable), before a child can be considered for entry into the Club.

Holiday Club:

Parents should book in advance via the website to avoid disappointment and payment must be received with the Registration Form.

Late/Ad-hoc bookings:

Booking on the day are very welcome subject to availability.
Please note all booked places must fit in to the normal session times.

Sibling Discounts:

10% discount is offered to the 2nd and subsequent siblings when permanently booking 3 or more of the same sessions (3 full days per child or more for Holiday club) each week. Excludes adhoc and extra session bookings.


We will confirm all advance holiday bookings by email. Term-time bookings will be confirmed in writing.


Kids Collective require 4 weeks written notice to cancel or postpone a registered place in the Breakfast and After School Club otherwise full fees are payable.
Once a Holiday Club booking and full fees have been received, cancellation of any session will be subject to charge for that session:
≥14 Days Notice= Full Refund ≥7 Days Notice = 50% Refund <7 Days Notice = No Refund
Cancellation of an ‘on the day’ or late notice booking is subject to full charge. Extra/late bookings are subject to availability and must be paid for separately. Payment is required immediately for extra sessions.


Parents MUST sign the Signing-in and Signing-Out books. Kids Collective requires that parents inform the club if they are going to be late collecting their child to ensure there is sufficient staff cover.
If children are not collected by the end of their sessional time it will be necessary to make an extra charge of £10/15 min (or part thereof) which will be reflected in your next invoice. Repeat late collection may lead to expulsion from the club.
This will be at the discretion of the Directors.


Please inform us of any absence before 2pm on the day in question to avoid concerns over missing children. Once a place is booked, fees are payable irrespective of absences.


Kids Collective will close on all Bank Holidays and Public Holidays.

Payment of Fees

Fees are required in advance and can be paid by cheque, direct online payment, credit/debit card or childcare vouchers. Parents are requested not to pay by cash however if this is unavoidable parents must obtain a receipt. Parents submitting cheques which are returned unpaid (bounced) will be charged a flat fee of £10.

Breakfast & After School Club:

Invoices will be issued monthly, in advance by email and will include any additional fees due. Invoices are payable upon receipt and must be paid in full. Payment for ad-hoc sessions are due as incurred. We reserve the right to make a search with a credit reference agency, & keep a record of that search.

Holiday Club:

Fees are required upon booking.

Please retain your invoices/statements for your records as future provision of account information will incur an administration charge of £25.

Outstanding Fees

If fees are not received within 7 days of the invoice date an administration fee of £10 will be added and a written request for payment will be sent. If fees are not paid 14 days from invoice date your child’s place may be suspended. We reserve the right to add outstanding balances from other Elmscot Group settings to your Kids Collective account and these will be payable in accordance with the above terms.


Kids Collective reserves the right to review fees annually.


Kids Collective has extensive insurance cover including Employers and Public Liability.


Kids Collective will provide an extensive range of equipment for children of all ages. It is not necessary and not advisable for children to bring toys from home. Children’s comforts and toys of special interest are acceptable. Although our staff will endeavour to take care of any property brought to the club, Kids Collective will not accept responsibility should any loss or damage occur.


Lunch and tea menus are displayed at clubs providing food. If your child consistently does not like, is allergic to, or has an intolerance for, a specific food, please inform the staff who will record it, and we will ensure an alternative is always prepared in advance. If this is not recorded on the Child Information Sheet, we will not be able to provide an alternative.


Kids Collective reserves the right to administer basic First Aid treatment when necessary. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign the Accident Book.
For accidents of a more serious nature involving hospital treatment, all attempts will be made to contact the parents but failing this the club requires consent to act on behalf of the parents to authorise any necessary treatment. Parents are requested to inform Kids Collective of any changes to information stored at the club.


In the case of suspected sexual abuse of children, it is our duty and legal requirement to report our concerns to social services immediately.


We work in a multi-agency environment and we expect to seek advice from multi-agency professionals from time to time to ensure the quality of the childcare offered. If this is in relation to your child, we will contact you directly to seek informed written consent prior to consultation.


Kids Collective requires emergency contact names and medical information regarding allergies, dietary or special requirements. Kids Collective supports the government policy on immunisation and although it is not a condition of club entrance, we would strongly support immunisation unless oth erwise recommended by your GP.


Kids Collective staff will administer prescribed medicines if parents complete medicine consent forms.


Parents are requested not to send their child to Kids Collective if they are suffering from any infectious disease or if they are not feeling well enough to attend. Kids Collective has
a realistic attitude to the needs of working parents but reserves the right to contact parents if their child becomes ill during club hours. Parents are requested to inform the club if their child, or other children in the club, contracts any (normal childhood) ailment or disease. Kids Collective must be informed of any illness which may prove dangerous to other children.
No discounts are given for absence due to sickness unless by arrangement for long term illness.


Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave Kids Collective with anyone unknown to the club staff unless previously arranged by the parent or guardian. If parents make prior
arrangements by telephone, the club will require the name, address and telephone number of the nominated person.


Kids Collective accepts no responsibility for injury, damage or loss to persons, vehicles or property.


In the event of an emergency such as fire, or adverse conditions such as a failure of the central heating, or emergency closure of the school so that premises are unavailable to Kids Collective, Kids Collective reserves the right to close the club. Kids Collective will be unable to offer a fee reduction in these circumstances although alternative sessions will offered free of charge. Alternative emergency accommodation will be sought if possible.


The Holiday Club Handbook and Breakfast & After School Club Handbook shall not be construed as containing any representation of fact upon which reliance is made under the Misrepresentation Act 1967. Any statements in the prospectus are intended to be statements of opinion made in good faith and believed to be true, but not be regarded as representations on the basis children are entered for the club.


Whilst a child attends an Elmscot setting and for a 12 month period following that, the Customer shall not directly or indirectly solicit either on their own account or on behalf of any other person the whole or part-time services for any purpose of any employee working in any capacity at any of the Elmscot Group settings. If, by mutual agreement, an Elmscot Group employee is employed by a Customer, an Introduction Fee will be payable by the Customer in respect of 20% of the employee’s current annual salary or the amount earned over the previous 12 months in respect of a ‘zero hour’ contracted employee.