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Mrs Davies

Thank you to you and your staff for the care and activities you have provided we have been with you since 2009 and both boys always spoke highly of your staff and enjoyed after school club….in fact it was sometimes difficult to get them out to come home.

The staff recognise the development and capabilities of the older children and set them to task and activities that support the younger children and foster that community and belonging with them so they have felt very much part of what you provide.

Thank you

Ms Varzandeh

Lovely staff, always listening to Milan and try to do the best for him. Totally satisfied, Milan loves staying at the club!

After school club is a great environment for my son to be around older children. He enjoys playing outside and with the various toys that are provided, he also likes making crafts and baking in the kitchen.

Mrs Pidlyskyj

Lucas absolutely loves coming before and after school club! so much so that he often wants to stay! Thank you

Mrs Davey

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care and support that your staff have given both of my children over their time at Cloverlea. They have always felt safe, happy and engaged there which of course, has both reassured and enabled me to go to my own place of work confidently and happily knowing this 🙂 Many thanks, it’s been much appreciated!

Ms Dufton

Leonie’s last day at Kids Collective Navigation! Thanks for helping her grow in confidence throughout reception, she has gone from shy tears to happy tears and has loved her Thursday night fun club! you all do a great job and i am sure she is moving on with fond memories of her time with you, Thank you

Ralph loves Kids Collective and has been dissapointed when i come early to pick him up as he wants to stay to the end. Lots of free play and structured activities gives them lots of choice 🙂

Isabelle absolutely loves Kids Collective, im sure you’ve heard the crying when its home time!! All the staff are friendly and welcoming. Sophie (Izzy’s sister) already cant wait to start in 2020 🙂

I still find it a struggle to get Erin away from Kids Collective because she enjoys it so much 🙂

Mr Knight

Bayley & Eddie enjoy coming to Kids Collective, they have both grown in confidence and learned so many new skills. All the staff have been very supportive and helped the boys work on their personal development, they are always very well presented, professional and polite.

Miss O’Neil

Absolutely love Kids Collective @ Worthington, Paige’s time is almost at an end here. I just wanted to say the girls are fab and we will miss the club. Thank you for everything.

Sebby loved making the chocolate frogs, the cauldron. His howler was delicious and he really enjoyed the bouncy castle “it was super funny”


Ms A Wilkinson

When dropping Oliver off he seemed anxious and reluctant to join in. As always staff helped by occupying him, when i collected him he told me he had a fabulous time. All the children always seem happy and engaged with the staff.

Helen Westwood

Would like to say thank you to the team at Well Green for being so considerate about Max’s allergies. You make our boys very welcome 🙂

Miss Papaemmanouil

“Harry is very happy coming to Kids Collective at Bowdon and therefore as his mum I’m very happy to send him. Kids Collective wraparound is vital for parents that work full time as it gives us peace of mind that our children receive excellent after school care. All the staff are very friendly, welcoming and thorough. Wendy, Rebecca, Victoria, Lynne are amazing as well as Kurtis that Harry thinks of them as his friends. Thank you”

Peter Ellis

“Dylan loves it here at Bollin! I always have to drag him away!”

A Karkhanis

“I am so glad the Ojas actually looks forward to going to after school club at APS. The team have built a great relationship with the children here. I really enjoy all the stories and different activities that he does. The biggest relief is seeing your child happy when we pick him up. Thank you very much!”

Mrs Doran

“Francesca has been coming to Kids Collective at Navigation since reception and has thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of well planned, creative and ever-changing activities. I have to entice her to leave on many occasions! All the staff are super friendly and really know Francesca well”.

Mrs Williams

“Hi, I just wanted to say how grateful and proud I am of one of your play workers. My child had his last day today at Cloverlea as he didn’t get a reception place for September, but his key worker has been excellent with him in all aspects. It’s thanks to Chloe that I have been able to watch first hand my little boy grew from a shy, quiet little boy into an, at times over, confident and bubbly lad. He used to hate mornings but due to his fantastic relationship with Chloe he found a way to enjoy it. Fabulous key workers should be something to be proud of. Thank you Chloe T!

Anonymous Anonymous

“Thank you so much for the home support bags that help deal with children’s worries. My daughter found it extremely useful and it made a huge difference. Also thank you for the care. Genuinely, my children love it here and always speak highly of the staff”

Mr Gemawat

“Thank you for taking such good care of Romir, we are so relieved that Kids Collective at Well Green is based within the school building”

Mrs Rahman

Dawud had a lovely time today. He loved making camp fire. He would love to come again.

Mrs Brydon

Max has thoroughly enjoyed this week at Kids Collective Holiday Club, he has made new friends and made soup and loved it. Thank you to all the team.

Mr & Mrs Karkhanis

I am so glad that Ojas actually looks forward to go to the after school club. The team has built a great relationships with the kids here. I really enjoy all the stories & different activities that Ojas does here in Kids Collective, which is the biggest relief seeing your child enjoying  themselves when you pick them up. Thank you very much!

Mr & Mrs Gresty

What a fab service this club is! Reece loves it and everyone is so caring and friendly. Makes us happy to leave reece here in their care. domt know what we would do without you all

Mrs Khalid

My two children came here for 2 weeks over the Summer, i was very pleased with Kids Collective. They looked after my children very well, i will be coming again.

Thank you to all the teachers.

Miss Venugopal

We were a little worried when our little boy first started at Kids Collective, but the staff understood our concerns and spent extra time reassuring us about our little boy which was immensely helpful. Thank you

Mrs Steer

Louise has really enjoyed her first week at Holiday Club, its such a weight off our minds knowing that she’s happy and safe. She was very excited about coming in this morning! It’s brilliant receiving the text messages from KC letting us know what she’s been upto – Thank you!

Mrs Donoghue

Mikey is loving Holiday Club, especially his trip to Knowsley Safari Park which he thought was great and hasn’t stopped talking about it. As a parent i love the diversity of activities you have. every week is different and that keeps him guessing. Thanks so much for your activities & caring for the kids with big smiles.

Mr & Mrs Williams

Hi, I just wanted to say how grateful and proud I am of one of your play workers. My child had his last day today at Cloverlea as he didn’t get a reception place for September but his key worker has been excellent with him in all aspects. It’s thanks to Chloe that I have been able to watch first hand my little boy grow from a shy, quiet little boy into an, at times over, confident and bubbly lad. He used to hate mornings but due to his fantastic relationship with Chloe he found a way to enjoy it. I just wondered if you could pass on a massive thank you for all she has done with Harris and wish her all the best for the future.

Fabulous key workers should be something to be proud of. Thank you Chloe T!

Mrs Grant

Thank you to all be staff for looking after Jacob for the past 7 years!! he has thoroughly enjoyed his time here it has given us peace of mind to know that he has been both looked after and also engaged. Thank you!

Mrs Lewis

Thank you all for your support and patience over the years – it has meant so much to us all. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you – Thank you & see you in September.

Mrs Al-Talib

Thank you for being a 2nd home for Maha afterschool.

we were very apprehensive about bringing her here after school but its the best thing we have done!

She loves it ….. and her little brother Ali cannot wait to join the fun in a few years too!

Mrs Peristerakis

Harry is very happy coming to Kids Collective and therefore as his mum i’m very happy to send him. Kids Collective wraparound is vital for parents that work full time as it gives us peace of mind that our children receive excellent after school care. All the staff are very friendly, welcoming and thorough. Wendy, Rebecca, Victoria, Lynne are amazing as well as Kurtis that Harry thinks of him as his friends. Thank you

Mr Harvey

Cayden loves the different activities that the guys put on. The staff are fantastic and really go out of their way to make the kids feel welcome and happy.

Mrs Lord

Charlie and Joshua always enjoy coming to club. They receive fantastic care from Jade and Danny which makes them happy and comfortable in the Kids Collective environment. Joshua has commented that “they do great things with us, including building obstacle courses and crafts – its so much fun” Thank you 🙂

Mrs Williams

Kids Collective @ Cloverlea is an amazing club – Owain often doesn’t want to leave, he has such fun with Carol, Chloe and Lisa. The activities put on are awesome including the First Aid, writing workshops and even yoga we still do at home 🙂

Mrs Dickinson

Florence loves coming to Kids Collective after school @ Heyes Lane, i am really happy with the care she receives and appreciate the flexibility i am offered.

Mrs Knowles

Thank you for looking after Layla for a good few years! all approachable, hard working and in a nice relaxed environment.

Also a special thank you to Ritsuko who is always so helpful dedicated and always happy!

Mr Draper

Will has really enjoyed his time here @ Kids Collective APS, many thanks for looking after him and helping him to do his homework!!

Ms Martin

Woody really enjoys Kids Collective @ Bowdon, the staff are always great and make Woody feel very welcome. Very lucky to have Kids Collective for after school.

Mr Thomas

My daughter loves coming to Kids Collective @ Bowdon, she especially loved the Yoga workshop which was held recently. Great team

Mr Bowdon King

David really looks forward to coming to Kids Collective and is always telling us about the exciting activities he’s been involved in – high praise indeed from a 4 year old.

Its such a huge benefit for us knowing how happy & settled he is and even though staff work incredibly hard they are all so friendly, welcoming and approachable. Thank you so much.

Mrs L Hampton

Thank you so much for the amazing Carols by torchlight Will loved every second and so did we!

Will never wants to leave After school club and that its because you create such a caring environment. Charlie cant wait to start school so that he can come too. Thank you for your continued commitment to caring for Will we really appreciate it.

Mrs G Monney

To an amazing team @ Heyes Lane who care and inspire every child that attends the after school club. Thank you for not only being there for collecting from sports clubs, providing the most creative environment for the children and hosting what can only be described as ‘crazy’ parties but for the support you give to all us parents who have to juggle a work life balance who without you could not give our children the opportunities that they experience with you all.

You are a very special team.

Ms Martin

Woody enjoys after school club @ Bowdon & often asks to go to breakfast club. All the staff are lovely and Woody is particularly fond of Lynne. Thanks for helping Woody settle into school and school club so well.

Mr Khan

Well run & a very enjoyable club, Caleb really enjoys his time here @ Kids Collective APS 🙂

Mr & Mrs Aston

Elizabeth has a great time at Kids Collective Heyes Lane, the club has given her a wider peer group from school. She enjoys the activities and i am confident that she is in good hands every day of the week. Thank you.

Mrs V Braddock

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to the Kids Collective Team at APS.

My husband and I really enjoyed last nights, Carols by Torchlight. We could tell that your team had worked really hard with the boys and it was a lovely event.

So I just wanted to drop a note to say well done,


Mr & Mrs Kenny

Calvin loves afterschool club! he is always a little bit disappointed when i pick him up early! He really enjoys the range of activities, especially the sand table.


Mrs J Shaw

Cloverlea is such a friendly and caring environment. Jackson is always so happy to be here. He is always asking if he can be here everyday! That’s got to be a good sign 🙂

Jason & Andy Bowdon-King

A big thank you to everyone at Kids Collective, David has settled in really well + loves coming into school especially for his 2nd breakfast in the morning! We’ve been so impressed by the friendly + welcoming staff the attention to detail + organisation of such a wonderful & enriching set of activities. I get to visit a lot of schools in my job and i know what hard work, passion + commitment is involved in providing high quality services. We have highly recommended you to other parents. Keep up the great work. Well done!

Ms Turner

Jacob loves his time in Afterschool Club @ Bowdon, he is especially close with Kurtis who has been such a great support to him during his time at club.

Mrs Clancy

Isaac and Gabriel love coming to Kids Collective @ Bowdon they never want to leave! The staff are really welcoming and help my children to find their lost belongings! For these reasons i feel a lot less guilty about leaving them there until 5pm. Thank you all 🙂

Miss D Reeves

My son has only just turned 3 years old, today was his first day and he loved Holiday Club, he was telling me how much fun he had and cried when we were going home as he didn’t want to leave, also the staff were amazing with him and made him feel really welcome and at ease so much. Thank you


Sophie loves Breakfast and Afterschool club. She tells us off for collecting her too early! All the staff at Bowdon are wonderful. Thank you

Ms A Cripps

Eve has enjoyed her time with Elmscot for the last 8 years and will miss her friends at afterschool club. she has enjoyed many trios with the team at Navigation.
Eve has tested the patience of Donna and the team with her crutches this year and they have coped admirably. Well done and thank you.

Mrs L Thistlewood

I just wanted to say that the Rounders Tournament was one of the best things you’ve ever done at Kids Collective. Our son, Joshua, really enjoyed playing rounders on the Bowdon Church team and is still enthusiastically talking about it all these weeks later.

Thanks so much, Lucy Thistlewood

Julie and Ric Thorpe

A huge thank you to everybody at School’s Out/Kid’s Collective for your care with Jessica throughout her time at Navigation school. She has always loved going to you, and you have dealt with some of our personal requests with care and consideration. We have no doubt that you provide the children with a fun, safe environment, with hidden lessons!

Your commitment to fundraising should also be noted – not ‘in your face’ making you feel obligated, and for some great causes as well.

The team is cheerful and approachable, and I have been more than happy to use you for both breakfast and after school facilities

Thank you again for everything.


Mr N Grace

Feedback from Ted on his Kids Collective After School Care @ APS is very positive. I see a big improvement in the range of activities and how Ted has engaged with and by them. He seems much more settled than last year and the atmosphere is very friendly, supportive and fun. Sometimes i struggle to take Ted away!! There have been some big improvements over recent months so congratulations to those running Highbury and keep up the good work.

Mr J Griffiths

Ben has been coming to both breakfast and afterschool club since starting at Navigation. He loves it, his favourite thing is playing outside with his friends. He always enjoys the activities. Thank you very much.

Mr & Mrs Baker

My son has been attending both breakfast and afterschool club for the past 8 years sadly its time for him to leave for secondary school he has really enjoyed his time at Kids Collective @ Navigation the staff have been great with all the wonderful activities they have planned and carried out. Will be a sad day many thanks x

Mrs Meacock

My two children thoroughly enjoy their time in the after school club @ Heyes lane. The whole team are friendly, caring and professional with many thanks for all your hard work.

Ms Young

Jake loves coming to after school club @ Heyes Lane. The team are amazing and really love the children. The staff are a credit to the Elmscot Group.

Mr C Kirkos

Marco enjoys his time at After School club @ APS where he gets to spend time with his friends in a happy and pleasant environment.

Alex Macleod

Dexter thinks the ladies are very nice at Holiday Club. He particulary likes cooking activities, it has been a really good experience for him. Thanks so much.

Rachael Broderick

Jack came to the Holiday Club @ Bollin for the first time this Easter – he had a fantastic time and was absolutely shattered when he came home.

Anna Sanderson-leigh

Thanks for all your hard work at Kids Collective @ Bollin. Baxter is always very happy at After School Club and often he is reluctant to leave until he has finished his activities! The staff are always friendly and actively involved in the children’s fun.

Thea Gibson

The children love coming to Kids Collective @ Bollin. They enjoy the activities and the lovely fruit! There are always lots of different activities to keep the Kids entertained 🙂

Laura Rodwell

All the staff at Kids Collective Cloverlea are really friendly and approachable, William is very settled at Kids Collective to the point he doesn’t want to come home. My daughter is looking forward to joining in September and i am sure the staff will be just as kind and supportive to her as they have been with William.

Jane Holme

All the staff are exceptional. Both my children love attending Kids Collective. It is again a struggle to get them to leave. They do varied, exciting, fun and educational activities. The staff genuinely care for the children. They have given us exceptional support with our challenging family circumstances and made difficult situations appear easy and seamless. I cant express how grateful I am to the staff. They have payed a major part in keeping my girls happy and well adjusted.
Thank you so much!

Aleksandra Johnson

Helena loves Afterschool & Breakfast club @ Kids Collective Well Green, everyone is friendly & welcoming. She is well looked after and takes the worry out of leaving her with lovely staff. Thank you!

Pemmuraju Srivalli

Krishna enjoys Kids Collective @ APS very much. He loves playing with Lego and all the craft activities.

Marcia Pierson

Thank you for the excellent clear and thorough communication I have had before and during the boys’ visit to the Bollin Holiday Camp. They have been fed & looked after and seem to have had a super time! Thank you to all the staff for looking after them

Thea Gibson

Andrew loves Bollin Holiday Club. He always talks about all the fun he’s been having and the things he’s been doing and the food he’s been eating.

Marion Blundell

Natasha has been coming for 3 years and happy every night when I pick her up. Robert has now been coming for 3 months and equally enjoys club. Clearly you have a great formula that works!!

Kim Li

Elmscot’s team have been a family to me in terms of support and carers!
Not surprisingly, Jake adores being at the clubs!

Ian Seddon

Just wanted to say a BIG well done to Rachael and the Hale team on their thoroughly well deserved praise in the recent Ofsted report.I am really pleased that the Inspector recognised what fantastic work has taken place over the last few months, as our son George could not be happier. The delight all the Hale team take in every little bit of progress he makes is very much appreciated.Thank you for providing George with such a caring and fun environment.

Mr A Singhal

Very helpfull & well organised, very caring staff. Holiday Club is excellent, well thought out themes through the weeks – very nice.
Big thanks

Paula Lewis

Its come around so fast but Zen will be leaving Cloverlea.The staff have been fantastic, many thanks to all those involved in looking after Zen.

Karen Hart

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic service you have provided for us over the last 7 years. This made being a working mum somewhat easier.

Rachel Fleet

George is starting to talk more about his friends at nursery, he seems very settled and happy and he loves forest school at Elmscot.

Victoria West

Our son Theodore has recently started in the Willow room at Elmscot and I just wanted to take the time to let you know that we have been so happy and pleased with the care and attention his key person Holly has given him during the last few weeks. Theodore hasn’t found it easy to settle and has struggled with eating and sleeping but he’s had a really good few days in the last week and we are definitely seeing signs that he is feeling more settled. Holly has been fantastic and it is clear that she genuinely cares about the children. Theodore clearly feels happy and settled around her, which I am sure is down to the way she interacts with him. I have also hugely appreciated the patience and understanding Holly has shown towards me over the last few weeks. She was always understanding when I would call to check on him and in the early days, she took the time to call me unprompted to let me know how he was….something I really appreciated whilst being sat at home worrying about him!

Lauren Plant

My daughter Isabelle has her last day in the Rabbit room today before she moves into Hedgehogs at Woodlands. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in Isabelle’s care since she joined Woodlands in August 2015. Francesca, Katie, Catherine and all the other wonderful workers have made Izzy’s time so pleasurable. As a first time Mum I was very nervous about placing my little lady in nursery care so I could go back to work part time. The team put my mind at rest instantly and Izzy has come on leaps and bounds thanks to the time, care and attention provided. Izzy can count to ten, her vocabulary is excellent and her confidence levels around adults and children is fantastic. Thank you Rabbit Room and thank you Woodlands for everything so far. We are looking forward to Isabelle’s next adventure with Hedgehogs. Izzy will miss you all (even though you are only across the landing) however she has already started to develop a lovely bond with Marina and the wonderful ladies in Hedgehogs so we know that she will continue to thrive in your care. We are forever grateful Lauren Plant

Katharine Dobbs

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the staff who have looked after Rafi and Amina in Hedgehogs at Woodlands since Sept. They’ve had a brilliant time in the room! We have been very impressed with all the staff who have obviously got to know the twins really well in such a short time. It’s been really reassuring knowing they’ve been so well cared for and have had so much fun. I’m sure they’ll love being in Otters just as much.

Emily Edwards

My 3-year old daughter has been attending Hale Day Nursery since she was 11 months old. Her development, confidence and social skills have come on tremendously since attending the nursery and I credit a lot of that to the dedication of the staff & management. She is cared for, stimulated, educated, nurtured, encouraged and exposed to such a wide range of activities every day. The management are very quick to respond to any queries I might have and I do believe they promote high standards of professionalism amongst the staff. The nursery is a fun place to visit and often parents and grandparents are invited in for events, for example Sports Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Carols etc. I feel that each day is planned for so well for my daughter & she also enjoys a lot of outdoor time in the excellent garden facilities.

Jane Carroll

Hale Day Nursery continues to surprise me when it comes to the food and quality of healthy activities. My son has never been a picky eater but Hale seems to continue to push him to try new foods which are always healthy. The meals are cooked fresh every morning, they smell great!! Lisa, the chef, is clearly dedicated to making sure all of the children have healthy foods including a piece of fresh fruit as soon as they walk through the door in the morning. Daily deliveries of food arrive from very local providers. My son is devastated if we arrive a little early and the fruit hasn’t been delivered yet; he knocks on the kitchen doo asking for some adn Lisa always brings him some as soon as it arrives. The outside activities are also key, always in fresh air, come rain or shine, they learn about growing plants and vegetables, and see where the eggs come from, from the chickens on site. Everything is geared towards healthy activity and sustenance. The team are also very honest; if my son doesn’t eat something or leaves food, they’ll tell me. Overall, I think the quality of food and healthy activities are exceptional.

Anna Lowe

We are so pleased with choosing Hale Day Nursery for our two children. Quite simply the staff and nursery environment are wonderful and we couldn’t be more happy with the level and quality of service.

The food is top notch – tasty and nutritionally sound – we never have to worry about what our children have eaten during the day as we know they will have had good quality meals and snacks, with access to water all day. As well as a fantastic play area allowing the kids to run around and play in a semi-rural setting, the nursery chickens and garden area encourage children to understand the links between food and the world in which they live and especially how food gets onto their plate. In our view, the nursery establishes the essential foundations of a healthy lifestyle in an accessible and fun way.

Anna Sanderson-Leigh

The recent ‘Outstanding’ in all areas Ofsted report demonstrates without a doubt what Hale Day Nursery is fully deserving of. The staff are extraordinary and every aspect of the nursery is exemplary.

Karen Adams

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how wonderful Clair (and all the girls in the baby room at Elmscot) have been in settling Beau into nursery. He seems very happy and the cards and pictures that have been coming home have really helped me adjust to going back to work. The team really goes the extra mile and it doesn’t go unnoticed so I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks to them all.

Gill and Darryl Heaton

The ‘Beech’ team really go out of their way to ensure Seth enjoys his two days a week at Elmscot. Seth runs into nursery, enjoys his day and tells us about what he has been doing when he gets home. Seth (and us) love the range of activities they do and how this encourages his development in so many different areas. In particular Seth’s communication skills are improving enormously and we are delighted to witness his imagination growing. You play a huge part in this and we thank the team for all the planning and attention to detail they must put into each day. We couldn’t be happier that they look after our son.

Helen Walker

I can’t praise the staff in Beech room at Elmscot enough. Every morning we are met with smiles and cuddles and the whole team are happy, upbeat and unflappable. They truly care about every single child, how they interact with them how confident the children are in their care speak volumes. Elodie has a wonderful relationship with Danielle and talks about her at home all the time. Elodie has grown up so much in Beech room – she has potty trained and dropped her nap – and the support and advice of the team have made it a lot easier than it probably should have been! Thank you Beech room, you are a wonderful team!

Adele Bate

We would like to pass on our gratitude and thanks, for the amazing service provided for our 3 children. In the 7 years I can honestly say, we have not had 1 complaint and only have good things to say about Elmscot. We have been extremely impressed with all the staff and will be sad to say goodbye.

Windeler Lyn

Thank you so much for your whole team looking after Matthew so well, I cannot believe how much he enjoys being at nursery (Hale). As you know I had him in a nursery nearer to my home before and moved him so that he was nearer to my work. I am so glad that I made the change because the difference in Matthew is fantastic.

Mr and Mrs Blundell

To all the team at School’s Out Bowdon, Congratulations on achieving ‘Outstanding’ in your recent Ofsted review you deserve it!
Very Best wishes Marion, Andy, Natasha and Robert.

Jonathan Stott

Our girls absolutely loved easter holiday club at the Bollin. The activities were exciting and fun and the room looked well organised and structured. Everyone was busy doing something. The staff were excellent and thorough with telling us about our daughters days there. Thank you all. See you at Whit!

Michelle Haigh

Thanks so much to all the staff at Elmscot for the fantastic care that our daughter Jessica receives. Jess really enjoys attending Elmscot and the progress she has made is most impressive. We are amazed at the range of different activites and quality of work under taken with Jessica. We are so glad we decided upon Elmscot for Jessica. Michelle and Simon Haigh

Liz Cross

Will enjoys playing outside and the variety of activities available. The staff are kind and very approachable. Thank you all for looking after Will.

Gillian Franks

Amelia loves going to School’s Out and especially gets on well with the staff who are always friendly and accomodating. Amelia especially enjoys the toys, activities + food + lots of friends in all years.

Christopher Gresty

The staff at Bowdon are like an extended family. Very friendly, smiley and pleasant to Sam and his dad. Thank you ladies for filling the gap in my parenting xx

Rachael Woodhall

We are very pleased with how Jacob has settled at nursery and with the progress he has made and continues to make. He loves the staff in Hedgehog room (Hale) and is excited in a morning when he is told he is going to nursery.

Karen Bennett

It will be the end of an era for Bennetts at Navigation School’s Out as Jamie is now leaving. His brother Christopher also attended full time for 6 years. We would like to thank all the staff, especially Donna and Carol for the safe and caring environment and for making Jamie’s time with them so much fun. I know he will miss them all. Thank you so much.

Melanie Longworth

We are so pleased that Ava has settled into pre school with Nicola and Mrs McIntyre so well.

We couldn’t ask for a better learning and playing environment for Ava.

We can’t praise the nursery and staff enough! We are pleased to have chosen to keep Ava at Hale rather than move her to a school pre school as we were so impressed with how things are structured and run.

Amy Peacock

Ella seems to be doing really well and enjoying pre school. Her confidence is improving greatly and is much more independent. She is showing an increasing interest in writing and copying.

Paul Barlow

We are delighted with Thomas’ progress over the last few months and are often surprised by many of the things he explains that he has learnt at nursery. We were especially impressed by how his report is a true representation of him. His understanding of numbers, use of new words and forming of letters has really improved over the time he has been in Oak room. The new introduction of the ipads has certainly helped this. At parents evening we were extremely pleased to hear that Thomas is settling well and he is just as much of a character at nursery as he is at home. We are delighted with the enthusiasm of the team: Jess, Hanna and Mrs Homersham and the banter they share with Thomas and how well they understand our child.

Patrick Armstrong

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her days at Bollin Holiday Club this summer. She has been very positive about the meals served and the activities and most of all has loved playing with her friends

Sue jones

Emily has been coming to Holiday Club @ Bollin for years now and always has a fantastic time – staff are brilliant with her and she makes lots of new friends

Kate Owen

I would like to thank you for your excellent care of the Owen and Evan over the past 6 and 4 years respectively at Bowdon – they very much enjoyed time spent with you.

Karen Fletcher

Hard to believe Judah is going to be in his last year at primary school, I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for looking after Judah ! some of you have know him since he was 12 months old! I think what you do with the kids is fantastic and great support to us working parents.

Mr Barton

Molly and Jones enjoy APS Holiday Club a lot they have had lots of fun. It has been a great help for my wife and i whilst we’re working.

Mrs K Harrison

Very helpful staff, Luke enjoyed coming to Holiday Club. Luke loves being with Marie and Catherine 🙂

Tracey Stennett

I’d just like to say thank you to Ruth and the team for looking after Becky so well. The staff, activities, outings, meals and location (Cloverlea) are fantastic.

Thank you once again.
Tracey Stennett

Vicki Morton

Abi loves coming afterschool, she misses breakfast club since we stopped coming at the start of the year. The girls are great especially Angela and Emma. I seriously couldn’t get by without them as i’m reliant on them not only taking care of Abi but also making sure she has a fab time

Helen Bostock

Eva never wants to leave, i always arrive ok early to pick her up. It’s so comforting to know that my daughter is being so well cared for, it makes having to work a lot easier. The staff are wonderful and you can tell the children really like them. School’s Out is the best!

Chris Grieves

only wish i could drag them away at home time, the thing is they enjoy themselves so much its tough however not a bad problem to have.

Alison Winter

Marc enjoys coming to club and even wants to go if i am off work. Its so much better having it on site as it means he can do afterschool activities as well. Angela and the gang always make sure they are entertained and no one is left out.

Aida S-J

My praise goes to School’s Out staff at Bollin Primary for daily display of food allergen information on blackboard. It is reassuring to know they are food allergy aware.

Kate Harrison

The staff are fabulous. They care for my children brilliantly! i am so grateful they are at The Bollin & APS

Claire Robinson

Thomas loves schools out at APS The staff are very friendly and have helped him to settle in well

Joanne Worrall

I would like to thank you all for the fabulous care you have given Jake and Saffron. Both of whom have been with you since they were babies at Elmscot and then throughout Primary school at Heyes Lane School’s Out. I can’t believe Jake is about to start Altrincham Boys Grammar! Where did the time go? Huge thanks to your fabulous team.

Jo Edwards

I can’t begin to thank all the wonderful staff at Cloverlea and Well Green clubs that have looked after Josh since he was a baby. We couldn’t have asked for better care and have always been reassured that he’s been in a safe and fun environment during the holidays and after school. Special thanks to Katie who runs such a fantastic club at Well Green and has known Josh for years.

Lubna Ayub

Just like to say Katie and Hayleen do a fantastic job at Well Green and my kids love them. They are always friendly and approachable and one of the reasons my kids love coming to after school club 🙂 which makes it so much easier for me to continue working.

Suzanne Dook

I wish to thank Donna and her team at Navigation for making Melanie’s time there enjoyable. She and I will miss them as they have been a big part of our lives.

Mark and Julie Bailey

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at breakfast club for having Shaun, he has really enjoyed his time there. In his words “breakfast club is ace and you get pancakes for breakfast”
My wife has just told Shaun that he is finishing breakfast club and he is really upset and with tears in his eyes he said he was “gutted”

Claire Zhou

We are so glad to see how well Aidan has settled in the new room and has so many new friends. His development in writing and numbers area also fantastic. Thank you very much for the hard work and great care of Aidan.

Rachael Good

Ollie really enjoys nursery and has made wonderful progress. He has enjoyed looking through his folder and has smiles a lot remembering all the wonderful things he has done. Ollie has developed into a friendly, happy little boy who will I am sure have great memories of his nursery days. He has been given a great start and is very much looking forward to school – hopefully he will be as happy there as he is at Elmscot. It would have been easier logistically to move him to the school nursery but we didnt want him to miss out on the amazing teaching of Mrs Homersham!

Amanda Wrathall

We continue to be extremely pleased with Eddie at Elmscot nursery. The Oak team are fantastic and Eddie always seems pleased to be there. We get relevant personal feedback at the end of each day and it has also been good to be able to get more detail and information at the parents evening. I feel as if all staff members know and care for Eddie and I am so grateful to be able to leave him in such a wonderful caring enviroment when I am at work. Thank you.

Jennifer Harding

We would just like to say a huge thank you to Ivana and to the staff in the Woodlands Owls room, in particular Frances, for making Daniel feel so welcome and making his transition to Woodlands really comfortable. We appreciate everything that you all have done! Not forgetting the ladies in the kitchen who Daniel really looks forward to seeing in a morning. Their welcoming smiles made the first sessions much easier for him as he was easily reassured with their genuine warmth. We are so happy, as is Daniel. He looks forward to his sessions at your nursery which speaks volumes about the hard work and care your staff provide. Jennifer and John Harding

Claire Court

We’re delighted with Bess’s lovely report, it shows us how well you all know her at Elmscot. She gets lots of stimulation from trips out or visiting groups like the police. We’re just very happy that she enjoys nursery so much. We all love the Oak room, its like a home from home! Thank you.

Claire Court

We’re delighted with Bess’s lovely report, it shows us how well you all know her at Elmscot. She gets lots of stimulation from trips out or visiting groups like the police. We’re just very happy that she enjoys nursery so much. We all love the Oak room, its like a home from home! Thank you.

Jody Dew

(Hale) Monty moves up to the Hedgehog room tomorrow after a wonderful 5 months in the Rabbit room with the equally wonderful Laura and Francessca. They manage to keep my rather boisterous, cheeky and mess-prone little boy happy and entertained all day which is not easy! The fact that most days start with smiles and end in tears when it’s time to go home is testament to how much he loves being there. A special thank you to Francessca who has been Monty’s key worker; Francessca has looked after Monty so well and his development since attending Hale and being under Francessca’s care has been tremendous. Thank you xx

Debs Davies

To all staff at Woodlands: There is not enough space on here to thank you for all the things you have done for Asa and Cassiel in the time that they have been with you. In the 3.5 years since I first left Asa in your care – pregnant with Cass – you have been nothing short of brilliant with both boys all of the time. As well as all the love, care and help with day-to-day things like potty training, you have shown them fun, adventure and excitement and for that we are extremely grateful. We have constantly been impressed by the fun ways you have introduced learning and we have really enjoyed hearing you talk with enthusiasm about the funny and mischievous things they have done. Thank you once again from all of us. Staff at Woodlands really are streets ahead! Debs, Jame,s Asa and Cassiel

Adele Bate

Katie and Michelle are both so welcoming. Their friendly caring approach has earned Jess’s trust and we are happy for them to care for her. They are more like friends and take interest in all aspects of the family. They are both so genuine and an asset to Elmscot. Others would not go wrong if they took Katie and Michelle’s helpful customer service.

Hannah Jackson

Returning to work has been so much easier knowing Thea is with Claire and Joanna. They have been so welcoming and provide a lovely, bright and cheerful welcome each time we’ve been in. Thanks also to Jess and Hanna for accommodating my son James for a few days. So far I’m very impressed, thanks guys.

Kerry Johnson

I would like to thank all the staff especially Joanna and Claire in the Chesnut room at at Elmscot. I would like to say that since my Daughter Olivia has attended the nursery she has come on leaps and bounds! All the staff keep me well informed and I know that Olivia is happy here! A big thank you for all the fantastic work you do!

Gillian Byrne

I would like to say a massive thank you to Kanta & all the other staff in Harry’s room at Elmscot they have done a fabulous job due to your dedication, enthausism & support. Harry is due to move up to the next room in sept & just wanted to say you have all worked extremely hard in helping Harry’s progress.

Alexandra Macleod

I’ve been meaning to leave a message for ages to say how thrilled my husband and I continue to be with Hale. Dexter absolutely loves it and when I read the information about the day’s activities I am just overwhelmed at how much work goes into planning the activities. It has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. I often get talking to my customers about nurseries and I’m always flying the Elmscot flag if they live locally Couldn’t be happier.

Emma Howard

I just needed to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has been involved in looking after and developing both Alexander and more recently Sebastian. To see their excitement at going to nursery and then hearing about their days is fantastic. We will miss you all and seeing your happy face everyday at drop off and pick up. (Elmscot)

Stephanie Maunder

We are thrilled with Lucy’s progress. She is keen to learn new things and is very sociable. We are so pleased she is enjoying nursery so much .

Charlotte Phillips

I just wanted to say what a fantastic addition to an already excellent facility at Elmscot the new Oak playroom makes. I personally am delighted with it and Holly is too. She is even more excited about coming to nursery now Credit to the whole Elmscot team for making the changes so quickly and smoothly. I think the new Oak room will give the pre-schoolers an even better opportunity to prepare for Reception and will be wonderful in the summer months to have such ready access to the garden.

Catherine Armstrong

Thank you for working so hard to allow Eilidh to settle in at Elmscot. I love the handover at the end of day when i hear what she has been up to.

Odette Thompson

Thank you for making going back to work easy. Having had Harriet at Elmscot for 4 years it was an easy choice sending Joshua as well. Claire is fantastic and really looks after him, I know he is in safe hands.

Nicola Percival

My two girls went to Elmscot and we wouldn’t have sent our son Lewis anywhere else. The team have been really supportive with settling and Lewis is very happy. Thanks to all the staff at Elmscot who have provided excellent care for our children for 11 years.

Mark Fryar

Jake always enjoys his time at Hale Nursery. The pre-school room and outside play setting is a lovely spot and staff are friendly. Well structured play should be good preparation for school

Emily Street

From the day I looked around it (Elmscot) felt right. 4 children later I’d never send my children anywhere else. Thank you to all the team.x

rashad al-safar

I love hale day nursery my daughter always comes out with a smile and has a fantastic time. the staff are wonderful and i will be sad when sofia has to leave. Rashad

Vicki Bryne

Thank you Amanda, Alex and Katie for all your work, we have loved Jacob’s time with you all looking after him in Squirrel room (Hale) and look forward to his time now in Owl room.

Caroline Britton

Claudia continues to enjoy nursery and spending time with the Rabbit room team (Hale) and the other children. I would like to thank Jenna, Charlotte and Francesca – we feel very lucky to have had Claudia looked after by such a friendly, caring and professional team. You have made the transition back to the working world so much easier as I know she is in safe hands. Thank you.

Caroline Britton

Claudia continues to enjoy nursery and spending time with the Rabbit room team (Hale) and the other children. I would like to thank Jenna, Charlotte and Francesca – we feel very lucky to have had Claudia looked after by such a friendly, caring and professional team. You have made the transition back to the working world so much easier as I know she is in safe hands. Thank you.

Rachael Woodhall

We are very pleased with how Jacob has settled at nursery and with the progress he has made and continues to make. He loves the staff in Hedgehog room (Hale) and is excited in a morning when he is told he is going to nursery.

Philippa Biggs

Our eldest son Isaac is at Elmscott. When he first started participating in stretch and grow and drama, he was very shy and not too keen. However, the staff at Elmscott have been fantastic in encouraging him to take part, and he now loves taking part in both of them. We are so pleased with his progress.

Susan Smith

Emily loves coming to School`s Out @ the Bollin so much that she requested to come back in the afternoons she simply cant wait for holiday club she feels at home and loves all her Aunties.

Jo Stretton

The team in Chestnut (Elmscot) were fantastic, they helped settle my little boy in. He was full of smiles when i picked him up. A big thank you to Claire and Joanna

Janette Boynton

Alex really enjoyed being a part of the nativity play on Tuesday – he had a big smile on his face the whole way through. Congratulations to all the staff and children for putting on a fantastic performance 🙂

Rebecca Moss

Elmscot’s Christmas play was lovely

Lyn and Mike Denny

Claudia and Louise have been at Elmscot for seven months now and we are so pleased with how well they have both settled. It was a fairly difficult transition for Claudia, with moving to a new country away from family, friends and familiar places, not to mention starting a new nursery. We are so happy to say that she is finally starting to genuinely enjoy going to nursery. It has been a slow progress, but so worth it to hear her chatting about her friends and teachers and all the things that happen at nursery in such a happy way. We think the consistency and strong routine that Elmscot provides as well as the patience shown by the staff have been key in helping her to settle so well. Louise has enjoyed Elmscot from the beginning and we are so happy that our adventurous little girl is encouraged to climb and make a mess and do all those things that she can’t do as freely at home. The activities you think up for small babies to do are wonderful. We look forward to watching her enjoy the experiences in the toddlers room next Thank you for minding our two daughters so well.

Catherine Armstrong

Eilidh is really enjoying Elmscot and often has a glow at the end of the day when i pick her up. Eilidh has had a lot of changes – new bedroom/sister/nursery this summer/autumn and is hopefully now settling into them all this should help with confidence, we will continue to encourage her.

Shelley Gosling

A huge Thank You to all the girls on the Pre-School floor at Elmscot – my daughter Emma has been with you for less than 2 months and already I can see how much she’s progressed during that time, with her speech and general independence. We’ve also just come home from our son Harry’s first Parents evening since he started at St Hugh’s in September – and his Reception teacher commented on what a great start he’d had with you. He’s settled in so well and I have you all to thank for doing such a great job with him. So keep up the great work (please). X

Julie Stepney

Massive thanks to the Woodlands team in their preparing of Myles for school. We have just had his first Parents’ Evening and the teachers feel he has settled really well, making lots of friends, and is LOVING reading his Floppy Phonics books to us. It is the end of an era for our family as we have been coming to Woodlands since you opened in 2006. The children had loads of fun everyday and have formed friendships that have overcome not going to the same school together. A truly lovely environment.

Jo Laird

I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my sons. When I asked them if they enjoyed their morning at Holiday Club, they said it was EPIC and AWESOME P.S Apparently lunch was WICKED Jo Laird (Woodlands Pre School)

Cath Park

Just wanted to say a much belated but massive thank you to the pre-school team (Elmscot). Since Abi has started school I’ve realised even more all of the good work you did in getting the children ready for school. All of the team are experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgable and genuinely care for the children they look after. Cath Park

Anna Sharman

APS School’s Out – James has really settled in well to School’s Out and is always so happy when I arrive having had a great time. The girls are so friendly and always have smiles on their faces when I come to collect James. They are a credit to School’s Out

Nicola & John Henderson

The time has come for Neve to move onto BIG school. We are really excited for her but we will all miss everybody at Elmscot, and are very sad that she has to move on. We cannot thank you enough for the care and love that you have given Neve over the last 4 years. Not once have we worried about her and we have known that each day she would have a lovely time. We could not have wished for a better start to her schooling years and would like to thank you all for this. PS love the fact that she is smiling at you every day on the pre-school wall Nicola John & Neve xxx

Gemma Brown

We cannot believe the time has come for our girls and us to say goodbye. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the security and dedicated childcare our girls have received over the last 3 years at Woodlands. Eva and Phoebe have had an amazing time and have grown very fond of many of you. Phoebe will not be far away, she’ll be continuing her journey at Elmscot with me. As for Eva, she has the foundations imparted by the team that will take her forward onto school. Many, many thanks for everything With lots of love from Gemma, Jonathan, Eva+Phoebe Stott xxx

Caroline Langford

Its Abigail’s last day at Woodlands today. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff who have looked after Abigail over the years. In particular Miss Jackson, Nicola and Miriam have been fantastic in the care and teaching they have given. A true credit to Woodlands. Abigail has always enjoyed her time at nursery, and will miss everybody. I must say that the outings she has gone on during her time in pre-school have been fantastic and memorable.

Helen Mark & Oscar Welch

Oscar, Mark and myself would just like to shout a big THANK YOU. Oscar has had a wonderful time with you over the past 3.5 years and you have certainly been a great support for me. Each week and each room Oscar has had the opportunity to do and learn different things. You have helped so much to give him confidence and enjoyment. He tells me all the time that my cooking is not as good as Helen’s, which is probably true. I hope the rest of his schooling is as strong and as much fun as it has been at Woodlands. Choosing Woodlands is one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Jane Holford

Matt and I would like to say a huge thank you to Woodlands for the excellent care you have given James Bell over the last 2 years. It is quite unnerving leaving your child (especially your first) with someone else when you go back to work, however Matt and I have never had to worry about James as we always knew that he was safe and cared for well. The activities and menus have all been excellent and James has really loved his time there. I know James’s brother Thomas will really enjoy his time at Woodlands. Thank you to everyone and see you soon with Thomas. Xxxx

Julie & Mark Bailey

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Woodlands for putting a huge smile on our daughter’s face every day. Lauren’s face lights up every time we bring her here and she never wants to come home which is proof of the fun, love and encouragement she receives. We are so sad her time here has come to an end and we know she will really miss everything about Woodlands. Thank you SO much for everything.

Julie & Mark Bailey

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at Woodlands for putting a huge smile on our daughter’s face every day. Lauren’s face lights up every time we bring her here and she never wants to come home which is proof of the fun, love and encouragement she receives. We are so sad her time here has come to an end and we know she will really miss everything about Woodlands. Thank you SO much for everything.

Jo Roberts

A great big ‘Thank You’ to you all for William’s wonderful time at Woodlands. He has enjoyed every minute. Thank you to Catherine for settling him in when he first started and getting him ready for Pre-school where Miss Jackson, Nicola, Miriam, Jo and the other girls have brought the best out in him and done a fab job looking after him. Thank you as well to Helen and Terri for the delicious lunches that he almost always wanted 2nds of. Finally marks to Carla for putting up with my dithering phone calls. I will send a photo of William in his uniform and no doubt you will see him when Emily starts at Woodlands next month. Thank you again. xxxxxx

Shirley Jones

Thank you to all the staff at Woodlands for all you have done for Jessica over the last year. She has been very happy here and has come on leaps and bounds. It’s given me peace of mind whilst Ive been at work to know she has been in a secure and happy enviroment where she has been taken care of by such lovely staff, especially Ania who has shown alot of care and love towards our daughter.

Lee Frost

Dudley and Esme have loved School?s Out, and Margriet, Lucy and the team have done a fabulous job of keeping them busy, stimulated and entertained

Georgie Myers

The staff at Elmscot are amazing. So approachable, caring and professional. As a qualified nursery nurse I thought it would be hard to find somewhere that met all my expectations but Elmscot has ticked all the boxes. We couldn’t be happier – it has made returning to work much easier than I thought I would. THANK YOU

Melissa & Nick Durrant

To all the staff at Woodlands who’ve helped look after and teach Matilda we’d like to say a huge thank you. Matilda has had some fabulous experiences. I Like that the staff know our children and regularly discuss their activities with us. Lovely to hear for Nick & I and fantastic for our girls’ experiences.

Sarah Riley

We feel Thomas has come on immensely during his time at Woodlands Nursery. He has always had a happy face when we have picked him up and been excited to tell us what he has been up to. We have been very impressed with the care provided to Thomas and the level and quality of communication with us his parents. The whole family will miss our visits to Woodlands and we wish you well for the future.

Amanda Jones

Thanks so much all the lovely staff for taking such good care of Archie. He’s enjoyed every minute of his time at Woodlands and I know he’ll miss you all very much.

Sally Gilder

The boys have forged some great relationships with many of the School’s Out Bowdon Staff which has made their time there even more enjoyable and I’d like to say a special thank you to Hannah, Francessca and Kelly for looking after the boys so well.

Gayle Waddle

Thank you so much to ALL the staff at Woodlands for the great care you have taken of Kate. She has blossomed from a small baby to a wonderful & bright little girl. She has loved attending Woodlands & enjoyed all the different activities greatly. I wish you well in the future and hope Woodlands continues in providing other children with such a great level of care.

Gemma & Jonathan Brown & Stott

Thank you to everyone at Woodlands for their dedication and excellent care that our girls have had since beening there. They are truly well rounded children and mini Einstein’s ( in our eyes) and we owe a big part of that to you. The girls will miss the staff and children very much but move forward with fantastic skills alot of which the nursery staff has helped to instill. Thank you

Kaukab Shah

Zain has spent most of his life at Woodlands, being cared for with the highest of standards. I am very grateful for all the love,care and attention he has received fom all the staff. We will both miss Woodlands and the happy enviroment which has made Zain look forward to coming to Nursery for the last 3 years. Thank you for all you have done and keep up the excellent work

Alexis Kent

Thank you for making Francesca’s relatively short time at Hale such a wonderful one. I’m sure she will be sad to leave. We have nothing but praise for the nursery.

Katja Houston

I would like to thank all the staff who have done a fantastic job in looking after Emily while she has been at the nursery (Hale). She has been very happy there, has bonded well with the staff and loved the activities. As a parent, I’ve really appreciated knowing that Emily is in such good hands. I would thoroughly recommend the nursery.

Jude & Paul Wallis

We both justed wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the staff (Woodlands) who have looked after Rosie since she came aged 9mths. She is the youngest of our 3 children and we have used variety of childcare providers and Woodlands has been the mosy organised, caring and consistent.

Susan Pavey

First time my twins aged 7 have attended Schools Out holiday club. I moved them from their previous one because it was nearer to my new home and better hours. My kids absolutely adored it. The staff, the activities and the food were all great. My children only ever want to go there in the holidays now. Many thanks

Shelley Gosling

Just a little Thank You to everyone at Elmscot for the brilliant trip into Manchester today to visit the Science Museum – they had such a fantastic day. I’m not sure what they enjoyed most…the experiments, the rides in the bus and trams or the picnic. It’s wonderful that you provide these trips – and very much appreciated Thank you xxx

Donna Mairs

I just wanted to say I am extremely pleased with Lila’s progress, she adores coming to nursery and we feel reassured that she spends her day creatively and learning every step of the way. The carers are a credit to the nursery and both our girls mention them constantly. It is lovely to have no concerns about their welfare or development. Both of which are managed with care at Woodlands.

Sarah Hawthorne

You get what you pay for – great nursery (Woodlands)

Helen Holmes

I’d like to say a BIG Thank You to the fantastic ladies in Otters (Woodlands) for the gorgeous Mother’s Day Card that I received. Very personal, I still look at it now and it brings a big smile. Thank you for the wonderful care you provide.

Nicky Pimlott

We were fascinated to hear Nathan tell us about the consequences of an oil spill on a poor little duck. He had remembered so vividly what had happened and what it had meant for the duck. Congratulations to Emma (Elmscot) for broadening the minds in pre-school in such a memorable way.

Emma Laycock

Navigation School’s Out. I would like to say I have always been extremely happy with School’s Out. Scarlett has loved going to Donna and colleagues are always friendly and helpful.

Kerry Edwards

When asked whether my son Joseph would be going to nursery at school my immediate response was no. My daughter had such a good grounding at Woodlands and I would like Joseph to stay here so he gets the same opportunities that Rachael had. Thank you to the all of you who work in preschool.

Erin Wolstenholme

Freshly laid egg for tea Delish Thanks Tilly love Erin (Fabulous Fabulous Owls at Hale) x

Joanne White

As we are leaving for a short time I was given my son Zack’s development file. The file is so well organised, the observations and photographs are amazing. It is all linked to the EYFS and I know what Zack has been learning. I look at this and think he is so well looked after. Thank you Anita and we look forward to our return to Woodlands very soon.

Kath Richards

I just wanted to say how really pleased we are with how well Isabelle is developing. Not just her speech but also her lovely and entertaining personality. She really enjoys nursery (she is at Woodlands) and we look forward to hearing what she has been doing when we pick her up. She has bought home some lovely art work. We are really pleased with the variety of activities she takes part in which are helping her to develop so beautifully.

Claire Osborn

Thank you to all the staff (cooks included) at Woodlands nursery for all your love, care and support towards Erynn and myself over the last 2 and 1/2 years. I truly believe Erynn has had a great start in life with your help and we will be forever grateful. Thank you x

Wendy Tozer

We are delighted with how much George is enjoying his fun packed days at Hale Day Nursery. The addition of the chickens, especially as spring is round the corner is even more exciting. The recent redecoration has been seamless and the baby room is especially clean and fresh. Thank you to the baby team for making George so welcome everyday.

Claire Court

I just want to pass on my thanks publicly to Catherine in the pre-school room at Elmscot. Bess has always been a fussy eater and rarely eats her lunch at nursery. This has been going on from 18 months-3 years. However we have suddenly had a breakthrough thanks to Catherine. With a little encouragement and more attention at mealtimes, Catherine has succeeded in getting Bess to eat her lunch every day for the past three weeks and on one occasion she even had a second helping Nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to Catherine and the pre-school team for your hard work x

Claire & Wanson Chiu

It had been 17 months now since Aidan joined M&M in Elmscot, which seems just like yesterday. And from next week, he will be leaving M&M and moving up to the 2nd floor. We would like to say a huge ?Thank you? for everyone in M&M who have been taking great care of Aidan, especially Kanta. Your kindness, patience and professionalism had made our shy little boy who couldn?t speak a word of English to today?s confident boy who couldn?t stop talking about the fun stories of his friends and teachers in nursery. He had thoroughly enjoyed every minute in M&M. I am sure he will miss everyone. Thank you. xx

Kate Topley

Dear School’s Out-Team, I would like to thank you for the excellent care your team at BCS have always provided Luka was always very happy, and very well looked after.

Helen and Mark Williams

We are delighted with how our 2 year old son Isaac has settled into Elmscot under the superb experience and care of Michelle and Kanta in Mulberry room. Isaac joined on 4th Jan 2012, 2 days per week and settled well after only a handful of full days. His care before this was all done by grandparents so quite a different experience for him and a challenge for all those involved, but to our absolute joy he is now happy so quickly, we actually had to really convince him to leave for home last week, he wanted to stay so much Michelle and Kanta have made what was a very daunting challenge for us actually very easy, so thank you.

Suzanne and Richard England

We are extremely pleased with the progress our twins Evie and Ellie are making with you. Evie’s language skills are improving daily aswell as her understanding of when to use words, descriptions and sentences. Ellie is talking so much more now. She loves singing and dancing which is much encouraged by your Stretch and Grow sessions. The support you provide to our family is invaluable to us. Whilst recovering from 2 years of cancer treatment, I am increasingly struggling to wear them out or play as physically as they need. They are so happy when they spend their day each week with you Thank you

Wanson & Claire Chiu

Just want to say thank you to everyone in M&M, especially Kanta & Michelle. Aidan has been going to Elmscot for 4 months now, but it feels like he’s been there for years. He is getting on so well with everyone. Every time you ask him do you like nursery? He always say yes with a big smile. As a Chinese parents, we were very worried about how he would communicate in nursery, but his English has improved so much since he started, and now he has no problem at all with communication. We really appreciate all the effort from the nurses. Also because Aidan has food intolerance and eczema, all the nurses have been paying extra attention to his food and reaction, also apply cream when necessary. We are very grateful for the care Aidan received in Elmscot. Thank you very much.

Sarah Gough

It is lovely to see how much Grace has developed since starting at Elmscot – and also how much she enjoys her time there The days are always varied and she especially loves all of the art work. Thanks to all for your ongoing hard work, especially Michelle, Kanta and all in M&M. x

Shelley Gosling

Just a little thank you to the Pre-School team for the brilliant time that Harry had on his bus trip to the library this week – he has so much fun every day and it’s amazing how much he’s learning without even realising I couldn’t be happier with the level of care and support that my two get at Elmscot – the staff are fantastic and it’s very clear to me that they really care about all the children there. Thanks a million

Odette Thompson

Thank you for the latest lovely report in relation to Harriet’s development. Harriet continues to progress in leaps and bounds whilst at Elmscot. We feel confident that her final year will provide the support she needs in preparing for ‘Big School’.

Nicola Cotterell

Just to say that Neve is coming on in leaps and bounds now at Elmscot. She loves role play and creating her own games at home and she gets a lot of her ideas from nursery. We are so pleased with everything you do with her and she is very happy. Thanks so much x

Andrea & Colin Rodgers

Many thanks to all at Woodlands for the love and care you’ve given Martin over the last few years. Martin has felt very much at home at Woodlands and we cannot thank you enough for having created a happy enviroment for him.

Kate & Gregg Davidson

Just to say thank you so much to all the staff at Woodlands for taking excellent care of William. He loved coming to your nursery and really developed well whilst being there. We will miss all the staff.

Karla Milton, EYFS Manager, Navigation Primary School

Just wanted to say thank you for the records sent to us by yourselves regarding children from your setting who have recently started in the nursery and reception classes at our school. They have been really useful to us in planning the first few weeks. Kind regards, Karla Milton. EYFS Manager. Navigation Primary School.

Helen & Paul Finney

Hi Kylie, We just wanted to send you an e-mail to say how pleased we have been with Rose’s settling in at Elmscot. The staff in her room have all been absolutely fantastic, without exception, and we really couldn’t have wished for better. Rose seems to be really enjoying herself (which is both lovely for us to see and a huge relief for her mummy going back to work) and we felt it was important to write and let you know. Thank you so much to everyone. We look forward to many happy times ahead for Rose at Elmscot. Best wishes, Rose, Helen & Paul (Finney)

Tina Shufflebotham

A very big thank you to all the fantastic staff at Elmscot. You have all worked extremely hard in helping Alfie progress. I have some very lovely memories of Elmscot and Alfie’s wonderful years with you all. They just grow up too fast – thanks again

Jenny & Julian Marsden

Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff at Elmscot for taking such good care of Isabelle, for all your hard work & unfailing cheerfulness. She has had a fantastic time at nursery & it’s been lovely for us to watch her making friends & learning new things. We’ll miss you all but have many happy memories of nursery days – thank you

Kerry & Stephen Edwards

Thank you all for the love and support you have given Rachael over the years at Woodlands. You have all been so kind and caring and she will miss you all. We know she will go on to big and brillant things with the grounding you provided. Also a big thanks to Helen for the fantastic food.

Kath & Andy Oates

Anna Chelsea and everyone in Hedgehog at Woodlands we just wanted to say a big thank you to you and everyone in the team for looking after Alice and everything you have done for her. She has been really happy with you and Andy & I have been really impressed with the care and service we have received from you all – you are a wonderful team. We will miss our trips upstairs but I’m sure we’ll still see lots of you.

Helen & Rob Bendorffe

Just to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody at Woodlands for all you’ve done. You have all taken great care of Lauren and taught her so many things, we are so proud of her. Lauren has always enjoyed coming to Woodlands and we cann’t think of a better way to spend the first four years of life, it’s been fun, fun, fun.

Maria Matthews

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Chloe & Philippa for looking after Ella during her stay in Rabbits (at Woodlands ) and settling her in so well. It’s clear to us that she’s loving her time at nursery & it’s all down to you both.

Kerry & Damian Mee

We just wanted to say thank you to all the team in Hedgehogs at Woodlands for all the care & attention you have given Charlotte in her time in Hedgehogs. I am so comforted that she is safe & happy when she is with you.

Ilana Bohne

ALL the staff at Woodlands – you are all fantastic people and you have all been a lovely part of Olivia’s life. Thank you so much for all you’re help and work and for giving her the best start, she will miss you all.

Caroline & Scott Hooton

Sebby has throughly enjoyed his time at Woodlands. He has always looked forward to coming to nursery each morning and has made so many good friends. He talks with such enthusiasm about his daily antics We have been absolutely delighted with Sebby’s progress during his time with you. He has developed in so many ways and we are so grateful for your input and support. It is with a heavy heart that we say Goodbye and Thank you

John & Sue Chapman

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at Woodlands Day Nursery who have been an instrumental factor in Nathan’s development. In particular his first key workers Anna & Philippa who settled Nathan into the baby room so well and helped him to adapt to nursery life. His later keyworkers Marina, Miriam & Catherine, Liam, Nicola & Rosa who have helped Nathan progress between the different stages and played a huge part in helping Nathan become the delightful child he is today. A personal thanks though to Carla who seems to have been with Nathan in most of his rooms. Not only have you been a fantastic influence on Nathan but you have also given us as parents lots of support and advice.

Richard & Julie Lynn

we can’t believe we are 5 and half years on and saying goodbye, where has the time gone? Well seemingly it has gone with 2 little girls growing up, learning so much, having fun,enjoying experiementing with so many different experiences, enjoying a caring, loving, and enthusiastic enviroment and making lots of friends (and their Mum & Dad loving very minute of watching them do it). Thank you for all your passion and hard work, we will miss you.

Kate Barrow

The Woodlands Pre School Team – thank you so much for looking after our little tinker Oliver. He has really enjoyed his time with you and has gained so much confidence and come on so much with his learning. keep up the good work ladies we will miss you.

Sharon Harking

Can’t believe it’s Olivia’s last day. Where has the time gone? Thank you so much for all that you have done in giving Olivia so many different experiences. I know she has loved being with you and has flourished in such a happy caring enviroment where she has been encouraged and supported. It has been a pleasureto see her development, most especially to watch her confidence grow. We feel her time at Woodlands has been so special and she has had a terrific grounding.

Karen Paul Izzy & Harry Owen

We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Woodlands who have taken such good care of first Izzy and then Harry over the last 6 years. Thank you for your dedication, enthausism, support and making things that bit easier when it came time to go back to work. Woodlands is a fantastic nursery and I recommend it to everyone.

Julie Celerier

A HUGE thank you to you all at Woodlands for taking such great care of my three ginger ninjas over the last four and half years. They couldn’t have asked for a better start in life. Don’t change anything as it’s a brillant nursery.

Sarah Andrews

I have been coming to Woodlands every week for nearly six years and I am sad to say my visits will soon be coming to an end as Molly is moving on to big school. Woodlands is a welcoming nursery with a real family atmosphere and I have always been confident leaving my children with the caring staff. The food is fantastic, the turnover of staff low so there is good continuity and facilities, especially the garden, are fantastic. Carla, one of the managers is very approachable and always available both around nursery, by email and by phone. The staff work really hard, have the patience of saints and obviously love the children. Please pass on my gratitude to all at Woodlands for making a working mum feel much less guilty about leaving her children

Jan Carter

Regarding Child Development Records’ – A lovely summary of Freddie’s time so far at Elmscot. We are very pleased with Freddie’s development. Lots of things written in your summary are very Freddie. We have a very high opinion of the staff who look after the pre-school children. Thank you

S Velaskar

Rhea’s numerical reading and creative skills have progressed rapidly over the last 6 months and she has also become remarkably independent with day to day things. She has become a lot more emotive too. Overall she seems to have developed a lot recently. Thanks to the excellent pre-school team for your input towards Rhea’s development.

Julie and Richard Lynn

To all of you amazingly dedicated, enthusiastic and caring staff at Woodlands. Thank you so much for each of your creative energetic education and love. Abi has loved coming to nursery since she first came through your doors back in July 2006. You have shown Abi and us so much love and support and we want to say a huge Thank you

Gill and Martin Monney

We just wanted to thank the Woodlands team for looking after our precious little girl Jena. She has had an amazing 4 years and has picked up social skills any parent would be proud of. Jena loves all the team, as do we, and we will miss you all very much

Alice Finlay Freeman

Thank you so much for all the brilliant times we have had at Woodlands – we will miss you

Leah Hamilton

The teams have been fabulous at helping Petra make the transition from baby days to toddlerdom. All of their efforts have been rewarded by Petra becoming the happy confident little girl that she is today. We couldn?t have wished for a better start to Petra?s nursery days and are very happy that we chose Elmscot. Thank you for everything.

Emma Birch

We have seen a big step forward in Hannah’s imaginative play in the last few months and her ability to count objects has also improved. We already work on numbers with Hannah at home but will also concentrate on shapes and some additional letters work to build on the good work the preschool team are doing.

Ruth Butterworth

Ella loves and gets so much from the range of activities on offer. Her confidence and understanding of the world has gone from strength to strength during her time there. Thank you for all your hard work and for making Ella feel so safe secure and nurtured as she has explored the world and her relationships with peers over the last 7 months, she will miss you all and we will all be sad to say goodbye.

Anna Davies

We feel that Sam has progressed so well at Elmscot and he’s had such a fantastic and happy two and a half years. I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work dedication and kindness. Elmscot really is a fantastic nursery. He will really miss you all Thank you.

Cheryl Bowler

Oliver has continued to thrive at Elmscot and we will miss everyone very much when Oliver finishes. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

Victoria O’Hagan

The year Georgia has spent at Elmscot has been an extremely happy one and she has already said she will be sad to leave. Thankyou for making it such an enjoyable time for her

Louise Thomson

We are really pleased with the progress Charlotte has made at Elmscot. She has been really happy with you and I know she will miss everyone when she goes to school. A big THANK YOU from us all.

Madeleine Roberts

I throughly enjoyed the first aid course you provided for parents on Saturday and found it very interesting and topical. Thank you and thanks also to Elmscot who continually prove they are a fantastic + caring team.

Debbie Middleton

Lauren is starting to recognise key letters L S E M A. Nursery has been fundamental in the development of this skill and I am thrilled she has responded so welll and I am sure Lauren will really miss the excellent staff at Elmscot.

Sarah Rose

Millie finishes at Schools Out at the end of this half term The service has been such a wonderful help to me as a very busy working mum even just for 2 days a week The team have been lovely Thank you

Debbie Middleton

Mothers day tea was lovely; just also want to thank all your staff for working so hard to make Elmscot such a lovely nursery. Well done.

Gemma Newman

Ive cheated, Im not really a child AS SUCh, just a big kid at heart (im staff really) Just wanna say hi kids n hope u enjoy the site See u at holiday club Gemma x

Beth Yates

Love the new site – much improved and easy to navigate around.

Mark Laszlo

Loved the new site, so easy to navigate and full of really useful information.

Olivia Champion

I wanted to say how highly we rate Woodlands and all the staff there, in particular Anita and Lisa who did such a great job at the start, and of course Sally who Seth is really going to miss. Everyone has always been kind, reassuring and helpful, both to Seth and his parents I would like to congratulate Dee and Steph for having set up such a great business.